10 Tips to Create a Better Attitude

Here are 10 Great Tips on Creating a Better Attitude

1. Stay away from negative and pessimistic people. There is an old saying that you should heed. “Bad company corrupts good intentions”. It is easier for someone with a bad attitude to bring you down, than it is for you to pull them up.

2. Don’t blame others. You are ultimately responsible for everything that happens. Especially when it comes to your own attitude.

3. Be more in touch with your thoughts and feelings. Daily keep an eye on where you are attitudinally. Monitor what you think, say and do.

4. Always work on maintaining a positive attitude about things. Pretend that you are a plant that needs nurturing all the time. Your attitude needs constant maintenance to keep it in balance.

5. Learn to adapt, things change, circumstances change. Don’t get uptight about change. Change can be a good thing.

6. Face your reality with courage. Don’t run away from where you are in life. No matter what the burden, take it head on and keep a good attitude in the process.

7. Concentrate on the beautiful things in your life. Consider yourself a diamond miner. Miners are looking for diamonds and not dirt. They are looking for the good things and not looking for the bad.

8. Look for better or different ways to do things. When confronted with those difficulties in life, consider them as opportunities to find a new path in getting it done. It isn’t a problem, it is an opportunity.

9. Be in charge of your life. No one is going to live your life for you, so take charge and take control of your present and future.

10. Don’t make excuses to relieve yourself from your responsibilities. No one is to blame for the good or the bad that may occur in your life. You can make a change for the good but you have to take responsibility for those actions.


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