Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Owes It All to a Slave

Hold on to your hats folks but the truth behind the nations top selling Tennessee whiskey is finally coming to light. Recent revelations have some forward that Jasper “Jack” Daniel who has been credited with creating Jack Daniels whiskey was taught to make the elixir by a slave by the name of Uncle Nearest Green. After learning the trade from Green Daniel went on to open a distillery in 1875.

From accounts by The NYT writer, Fawn Waver who  dug into the story a bit deeper and found that in addition to helping to distill Jack Daniels whisky, generations of Green’s descendants worked together with the Daniel family to make the whiskey decades later. In fact some of the descendants work in the whiskey industry today.

This is still a developing story but we are always intrigued by the contributions of people of color in the social fabric of this country. Without the mentoring of Uncle Nearest Green there would be no Jack Daniels and the industry as a whole would be much much different.


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