Jon Jones def. Comier

Former Lt. Weight champ Jon “Bones” Jones regains his title in a decisive 3rd round KO over champion Daniel Comier. The fight was pretty evenly matched throughout the first and second rounds. Both fights traded heavy blows. The 5″ larger Jones seemed to measure the shorter Cormier through much of those early rounds.

It wasn’t until the third round in which Jones picked up the pace. Cormier followed with the same intensity that Jones gave in throwing blows. This was the fatal mistake in Cormier’s strategy. The larger Jones timed a perfect kick that connected with Cormier’s temple area. The rest as they say “Was all she wrote”.

Jones pounced on Cormier like a pit-bull puppy on a steak bone. The referee mercifully called the fight as Cormier was unresponsive in defending himself.

After the fight a victorious Jones called out former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar, who himself is 40lbs. heavier than Jones. Time will only tell if Lesnar will accept the overture by Jones.

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