The Newest Destination for Fun

As a first generation Jamaican American, I’m a bit biased in my choice of the #1 destination for today’s world-traveler but this I must confess is the truth. Jamaican’s all over the country will agree that a return to the island of Bob Marley is one that you should all make.

A short jaunt from the southern tip of Florida and you are on the beaches of the most diverse Caribbean island retreat in the world. With a mix of African and Latin cultures Jamaica is the home to jerk chicken, voodoo and shopping. This can’t just happen by accident. The Caribbean gods made it so.

Places to see: Duns Rivers Falls, Kingston, Ocho Rios and of course the rum plantations that dot the island. One of the most unsung features of Jamaica is its climate with never varies more than 10-15 degrees year round, which makes for a climate conducive to the best coffee in the world Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

So the next time you plan of taking a trip, choose Jamaica mon. Where the weather is cool and so are the people.

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