What I Learned As A Startup

We all want to be successful in Life. Heck the last thing we all think of is, “How will I make it if this thing doesn’t work out”. No in our heart of hearts we all believe that we have that next big idea or the method that will change an entire industry.

We strike out on our adventure and low and behold we find out that there is a snag in our plan. It’s called REALITY. The reality of any situation is always much different than our expectation. So I’m here to help all of you aspiring millionaires, to learn from my mistakes before you invest every cent you have.

5 Keys That I learned as a startup

  1. Write out your plan in detail

The mind is a funny thing. If you tell your mind to do something and you are full of crap, it knows it. That’s why writing out your goals and dreams is critical in achieving your goal of opening your startup. The devil is in the details y’all. When I said write out your plans in details, I meant chart out your monthly, weekly and daily goals like you really believe they must be achieved.

When I started my cafe, I had and still do have, the Excel spreadsheet that I followed for 26 weeks prior to opening our shop. This was invaluable to our success at opening but that was just the beginning.

2. Follow the Plan but be prepared for adjustments

The best laid plans of mice and men are only as good as you are at adjusting for obstacles. What I mean is that you need to be able to adjust and not be so rigid in your plans that you don’t leave yourself a little wiggle room. Maybe that piece of equipment is going to take a week longer than expected. Or you have to wait on a contractor. Give yourself so room to wiggle but keep to the direction of the plan.

3. Expect that It will Cost More than you planned

This will be one of the most important rules you need to hear. Money, money, money. Watch your cash. If you think it will cost $3 plan of $9. If the estimate was $10 expect to add 30% on top. Never leave yourself short. It will comeback and bit you in the assets.

4. Get Support from your closest friends

Not only is there strength in numbers but there is strength in people who support you and believe in your cause. Now this is a two-edged sword. Those same people who support you in the beginning might be the very same ones who will drag you down along the way but suffice it enough to say, get encouragement from those whom you surround yourself with.

5. Don’t let anyone talk you out of achieving your goals

This should be a no-brainer but it bears repeating. Don’t let anyone talk you out of YOUR DREAM… When someone tries to tell you, “You can’t make this happen” what they are really saying is, “They don’t have what it takes to make it happen for themselves.” So don’t listen to their thoughts about themselves, you have a great vision that you are going to see come true. Stick to your guns and make some great things happen.

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