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We are all given 24hrs. in each day. To become successful, you must allocate that time wisely. Let’s look at the issues that rob your precious time. Then we’ll give you some tips on where to find more of it, to devote to becoming successful.

Success Depends on 3 Major Things

Just Answer the Call– 90% of people won’t make the effort to even answer the call to become successful. We live in an age where being mediocre is normal. Success-driven people answer the call. That’s 50% of the battle.

Access the Tools– There has never been a time in human history where we have access to all the tools it takes to become successful. Youtube, LinkedIn, Libraries online. There is no shortage of access points to finding the knowledge and resources to become successful.

Allocation of Time– We all have 24hrs. in a day to devote to doing whatever we choose to do. Notice, I said choose to do. The answer to being successful, “What are you choosing to allocate your precious TIME to?”

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This is how the average persons day breaks down.

  • Commuting to work- 3hrs-32min.
  • Sleeping– 8hrs-50min.
  • Leisure activities (TV, exercise, socializing) 5hrs-13min.
  • Work– 8hrs.

3 Tips to Gain Time

Turn Off the TV– 90% of what is on TV is wasted time. Don’t get me wrong. There are tons of shows on TV that are very good watching. The problem is devoting time to the mindless pursuit of finding out who Kim Kardasian is sleeping with or how many times Snoop Dog can make reference to smoking dope shouldn’t be high on your chart of things to do during your precious Leisure hours.

Tune Out Social Media and Websurfing– Falling pray to the dreaded “rabbit hole” of websurfing can drain an imaginable amount of time from your day. We have all spent countless hours on the internet, searching for nothing because we were distracted by a link or ad that distracted us. Social media has become the greatest consumer activity in the last decade. Facebook is enemy #1. If your web browser automatically starts at Facebook, this might be a sign you need to change your success habits.

 Video Games– The optimal word here is entertainment. Video games are nothing but ways to entertain us or “Waste our time”, get our minds off of important things and escape from reality or more important things. Video games are not new. They have been around for generations and will be with us for generations to come. The App Store for Apple has 1000 apps submitted each and every day. The vast majority of these apps are games. Nothing wrong with them. If you want to become successful, you’ll have to stay away from these bandits.

With only so many hours in the day, we must keep track of each and every minute. Review your daily activities against our list. I’m sure we could all use a bit of adjusting.

Bradley Daniels

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