Dealing With Rejection- Finding Allies

Let’s expand our look on dealing with rejection by focusing in on Finding Allies. These are the 3-5 people you can count on to be on your team. If you missed the overview of Dealing with Rejection, here is the full article. Click here.

There is a wise old saying, “Great Friends are like a string of pearls”. I don’t know who said it but the point is, friends are among the greatest resources you can have. At 3 am they can talk you off the ledge of life. At 4 pm they are there at the bar to help you unwind after a long day in the salt mines. Good friends are a godsend. It is a must that you find at least 3-5 people who you can count on in life. Here are some categories to help.

Volunteers– Volunteer allies are great because they know what they are getting in to. They love offering their help when the need arises. Take advantage of their bent for empathy and compassion. A word of caution. Screen your volunteers. Some people like to offer their opinion which could be negative.

Practical as well as constructive criticism and advice is helpful. Negative, harsh criticism doesn’t help anyone.

Paid– By no means the most glamorous but effective, Paid Allies are people you literally pay to be in your corner. Examples would be staff, a counselor or consultant. When you call them, they will be there with arm’s length truth we all need when our emotions are running high.

Childhood Friends- We all have childhood friends who hopefully are still in our lives. Childhood friends are the people with the longest history with you. They’ve been with you through years of ups and downs. They know you better than anyone else. Their kind ear can make all the difference in the world when you are feeling like the entire world is against you.

Many years ago, I joined Facebook. The main reason was to reconnect with some of my childhood friends. You would be surprised to know, most of those people you grew up with are still in the same town they grew up in. Make a serious effort to reach out to these people through social media, old address books or the phone directory.

It is a must that you have at least 5 Allies in your corner. When you are feeling at your wits end, these are the people you can turn to for comfort, as a sounding board. They can help ground you in reality.

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