The Mindset of High Achievers Inside the NFL

In this article we will look at the mindset of high achievers, especially those who make a living inside the NFL. First let’s take a look at the kind of person we are speaking about.

Raised and trained as a Winner

This is an aspect of achievement that should never be overlooked. The mindset of high achievers is off the charts. Their belief in their success is as comfortable and automatic as is their automatic ability to breathe air. They have been raised in an environment that knows nothing more than success. Being less than perfect is something foreign to these individuals. It is naturally expected that they will succeed.

Achieving was a part of their lifestyle growing up

Having a lifestyle of success is like always waking up to the sun shining on your head. You are surrounded by it. There is an air of achievement built into all aspects of their lives. They associate with the right people. They are challenged at a higher level. They have access to the best. The most qualified. The most sophisticated. The inside route to the top. It is their lifestyle.

In college they were the best

In college, these Class AAA players are at the top of the roster. It is evident when they arrive on campus that these are the franchise players. They come with the right credentials, achievements and fanfare. When they perform on the gridiron, they are standouts. There is already rumors that these players will be awarded the Heisman Trophy for being the most outstanding player of the year. They are the cream of the college crop.

Surrounded by their own kind

The rarefied air of the National Football League has only room enough for the best players from around the world. Here is where our Heisman Trophy winning college player is thrust in with the competition befitting their extreme talent. Here is when the best meet mano y mano.

Although NFL players are all at the pinnacle of their industry, they realize that doing or being anything less is risking their own life, livelihood and training. Literally. The NFL players are the biggest, strongest, fastest athletes in the planet. A 300lb lineman could be as fast as a 200lb running back. That is scary. The most intimidating part is that they all get paid to hurt each other. If that doesn’t give you some idea of the mentality it takes to make it in the NFL, I don’t know what will.

The point to all of this. What kind of person would you be if you were surrounded by the best of the best? You would become a wholly different person. Your attitude, goals and aspirations would be hyper productive. We’ll take a look at what this might look like in an upcoming article.

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