The Secret to Dealing with Rejection

We all must deal with rejection. So why is it that some people can deal with it better than others? In this article we will look at the 3 types of people and how each of them deal with rejection. We will also look at the 3 Secrets you must know to deal with rejection.

2 Basic Types of People

Before we get started, we must recognize there are some Universal Truths about Rejection. This universal truth runs in all situations, for all people. The truth is many people are not going to like you. We all have certain likes and dislikes. In a room of 100 people, statistically 50% of the people may or may not like your product, you as a person or the ideas that you present. That is just a universal truth.

Given this truth, we can take all the weight off our shoulders, trying to get 100% of the people to accept us. This also is where we find a universal problem with people who have a fear of rejection.

In this world, I have found there are 2 basic types of people. Those who recognize the Truth and those who don’t. The people who recognize this universal truth (that many people will not be on your side) are able to move forward and implement the keys to rejection with greater success. Those who do not accept the Universal Truth of Rejection, make excuses, blame others and don’t show up for dates on Friday nights. (sorry, I digressed)

The 3 Keys to Dealing with Rejection

To deal with our fear of rejection, we must have a few tools in our arsenal. Once we have these tools, we can be more effective in most situations.

Allies– We all need to find allies in life. These are at least 3 people we can call on to be in our corner.

Refuge– A safe place to call our refuge is key when dealing with rejection. Find at least 3 places that you can call your refuge. Here is where you can think, relax and recharge.

Time– All hurt and feelings of non-acceptance will pass. Get it straight in our minds that “Yes, this too shall pass.” It is up to us to allow time to run its course.

To deal effectively with rejection, we all need to recognize that rejection happens to all of us. We simply will not be liked by all the people, all the time. So, get over it. Activating the 3 Secrets to Dealing with Rejection, A.R.T. finding Allies to be in our corner, a Refuge where we can feel Safe and allowing Time to run its course to heal all wounds, we can overcome the paralyzing effects of being no accepted.

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