The 80/40 Mindset

I can’t tell you how many times I meet people who are amazed that entrepreneurs will spend so much time at their businesses. In my case it is around 14 hours a day. “Oh aren’t you going to take a break, a vacation?” Oh those long hours. I feel sorry for you.” To be sure if you listen to those people it could get you down but you have a 80/40 mindset that they don’t. Here is what you should remind yourself when these well-wishers come a knockin.

Business Takes Time to Cultivate

There is no business on earth that goes from nothing to the tops of the chart without you putting in the long hours. If you are a bodybuilder you have to hit the gym. You must be consistent. There is no substitute for being there.

It isn’t work if you love what you are doing

Working on something you enjoy isn’t work, it is a labor of love. Time seems to flow by when you are busy doing that which you were meant to do. This is why entrepreneurs can spend hours, weeks and in some cases years working on a project. It isn’t work if you really enjoy what you are doing.

Long hours translate into higher pay

The key to making more money isn’t necessarily spending more time on a project but there is a correlatation on the amount of time spend in the pursuit of a goal and the amount of money or success that comes out of it. If you put in the hours you will reap the benefits of those efforts.

Your competition is working Just as Hard

We live in a very competitive world. There is no shortage of people trying to accomplish the same goals that you may be. That being said, “Your competition is busy trying to be the best too”. You should keep this in the back of your mind, as your dis-tractors are trying to get you to take a break, or go out to the bar. You have a goal. Your competition has a goal too. Will you get there before they do?

I’d rather work 80 on my own business

My eye doctor said something interesting. It has stuck with me ever since. She said, “Entrepreneurs are the only people who would rather spend 80 hours working in their own business, than spend 40 hours working for someone else. This is a huge statement. I’d rather spend any amount of time working on my own business than help someone else realize their dream. How about you.

When you are confronted by those who would try to make you feel bad or feel sorry for you that you are working such long hours, remember, This is your Baby and baby is hungry.

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