Diversity Goes Both Ways

In a world with so much to offer and black people being some of the most talented people on the planet, it’s a wonder why we tend to be a monolithic interested people. What do i mean by that. well I mean that by and large majority of interest that black people have revolve around basketball, football basically any sport. We tend to be singers, dancers or comedians. But rarely do you see black people who become scientist, or scares or in what we can no-traditional endeavors. Like NASCAR drivers.

Black people are able to excel in pretty much anything they put their hands to. Just like any other race of people. Take for instance NASCAR. Just recently we printed an are article about the first woman NASCAR team owner. Never in history has there ever been a NASCAR owner who is a woman of color.

The same thing applies in NASCAR drivers. Bubba Wallace Jr just came in second place int he Daytona 500. That was no fluke. Bubba just decided that he wanted to be a race car driver. Once he put his mind to it, he became and is the only full-time driver of color in the sport.

What black people need to realize that diversity goes both ways. We can’t say with one had that there is no diversity and then with the other hand not try to do something out of the box. That even sounds strange because there should be no such thing as out of the box. If there is something to do on this planet it is meant for all people to try not just Japanese or Irish it can be for all people.

Diversity goes both ways

There are three main reason why people don’t choose to do other thing.

It’s Safe

That’s what your good at

That’s what your used to doing

If you change what you see, you will tend to change what will try. But if you’re only seeing the same thing over and over again you will tend to only try that which you are familiar with.

My suggestion is that you try something different each and every day. Try something new.

Go to a new part. Change your surroundings. Whatever you have to do but get out of the same old same old that you’ve been doing. Watch different TV shows, wake up earlier to to sleep later. Wear a different color shirt. Do whatever you need to do but do something different. Change your friends.. Change your associations. Change the TV shows you watch. Change the news that you get  into your head every day.

Plan and adventure. Plan a vacation someplace where you normally would never go. All of these things will help to change your thought life and diversify the thing that you will try in life.

Above all, don’t be afraid to try to change.

Final Word of Warning

People love the same old same old because it is familiar to them. Some of the worst people that you can hang out with, if you what to change, are you old friends. Old friends love you the way you were, because they are the same way there were. They want to keep people down with them. So my suggestion is to find new friends.

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