Do You Have Multiple Skills? FB Engineer Says A-OK

Aaron Russell, a former investment banker, turned network engineer at Facebook, talks living a fulfilled life by having multiple careers.

In an enlightening interview, Russell, who not only dabbles in engineering for one of the most successful social media companies on the planet, Facebook, but also is hard at work as a moviemaker and probably a baker also. Aaron speaks about the importance of becoming a whole person by trying out other interests in life.

Many of us focus on honing our skills on one primary skill, thinking that by doing so, we will become so proficient it will give us a competitive advantage. As Russell says, this is definitely true, but the richness of our life can suffer.

He sights Donald Glover, who not only pursued a successful writing career but explored his acting career as well. This should give us all something to be inspired by.

Statistically, as noted by Russell, black entrepreneurs tend to focus on one skillset. As a result of this we tend to earn less and consequently our community is less enriched by our not contributing to the fabric of social life.

Here are a few tips on expanding your skillset.

  1. Figure out what your secondary passion is. For many of us this is simple. Just ask yourself. “If I were going to do something else in life, what would it be?” But this may not be as simple for many. In this case, ask a friend or close confidant. What do you think I’m good at other than what I do for a living.
  2. Don’t be fearful of not being the expert. One of the reasons why people don’t explore a side passion is the fear of looking like a fool or making mistakes. We all have to begin somewhere. No one is an expert at anything their first try. And who cares if you are perfect anyways. The point here is that you are pursuing your dreams. By letting go and letting mistakes be made you are expanding what your creative self is all about.
  3. Devote a little time to exploring your second love. The best way to explore your second passion is by doing it in your spare time. Perhaps you want to pursue writing. Pick up a pen and paper on the weekends. If your thing is artistry, how about in the evenings after you get home from work. Whatever it is, carve out some time to devote to it. In time you will find that a little is much.

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