To be Successful Surround Yourself with Success

I was watching a news show, about a young African-American who had a very young age decided that he wants to become a military marksman. As a marksman, his job would be as a sniper, protecting the American homeland. 30 years later he realized his dream becoming the most decorated African-American as a sniper in the Army Rangers. So how did he accomplish such a feat? He was surrounded with success from an early age.

 Let’s look at his beginnings.

This young man, Nick Irving was the son of two military veterans. Both his father and his mother were in the Intelligence committee. They had spent an entire lifetime traveling the world and working with men and women of high-level competency. They instilled this in their son, who though he was colorblind was able to pass all the tests necessary to become an army sniper.

Nick has a book out now that Chronicles his life as a military veteran. It tells the story of life as a military sniper and what it takes to become among the elite in the fighting field.

Key Points to Consider

To be a successful person, you need to surround yourself with success. Here are some key areas that must be considered.

You must surround yourself with successful people

Successful books

Successful videos

Successful speech (both from you and towards you)

Successful vacations

Successful everything.

It is imperative that you spend the clear majority of your time working around people and seeking people who are working at a high level of confidence. These people need to have a high level of energy and enthusiasm for life. I liken these people to the players who are in the NFL. Similarly, these same kinds of people are in the World Wrestling Federation. They are super jacked up on life and want to see things happen.

Even the way you speak has such a profound difference in the way that you look at life, in the way you seek to achieve things. The person who spends most of the time using negative words, putting themselves down, to bring others down will tend to be the kind of person that you want to avoid.

Being a successful person is ultimately determined by several major factors but the biggest one is your surroundings. There’s an old saying that says that you will become the average of the five people that you hang out with. That includes the amount of money you make, and in the level of success that you attain in life.

If you want to be successful seek out the most successful people in your field or the most successful people with the greatest attitude that you possibly can. In many cases this will not be in your family members. And if so, then you’ll just have to see people outside of your family to spend the majority of your time.

Success is a choice. The choices in life you have can make the difference between a life of happiness and achievement or a life of frustration and sadness. Here’s to your success. Here’s to your ultimate happiness.

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