Lessons from the Cavaliers Loss to the Warriors

It was a tied game at Oracle arena, where the division champs Cleveland Cavaliers were on the verge of stealing game 1 against the Golden State Warriors. Inexplicably, JR Smith had a chance to at least attempt a game winning shot off of a missed free throw shot but something happened. He didn’t take the shot. With the ball in his hands he ran the other direction, as league MVP LeBron James, frantically yelled at him to shoot. The Cavaliers loss to the Warriors was more than a game, it has a hidden lesson we need to discuss.

Even underdogs can be wildly successful

The Cleveland Cavaliers although they are an excellent team. Have on their roster some great players, really are no match for the league champions Golden State Warriors. Yet they pulled together as a team and were tied at the end of regulation play.

When the opportunity arises you have to make decisions

We all have opportunities in life. JR Smith had the ball in his hands with seconds to go. He had been there before. This time, the decision was up to him. What he did with that opportunity would mean the difference between failure or success but he had to make the decision.

The decisions you make have consequences

The ball was in Smith’s hands. One of three things would happen based upon his next decisions but something would happen. In life we have this same set of rules at play. Actions or decisions have consequences. Even standing still has a consequence.

You have to have a killer instinct

After the game reporters as Smith why he didn’t just take the shot. Smith replied, “I thought we were up by one point.” That screams out a problem. Winners keep scoring or trying to do more all the way up to the final moment someone says stop. You must have a killer instinct in order to be a champion. Smith’s lack of the killer instinct cost the Cavaliers an upset road victory.

Most people watching the game, including LeBron James, who played a phenomenal game, putting up 51 pts. will agree, the Cavaliers didn’t lack effort during Thursday nights game against the NBC Champion Golden State Warriors. What they lacked was good judgment and a killer instinct to finish off their opponent.

Take note. Zeal without good judgment is folly. You have to have good judgment and the mental awareness to follow a thing thru to the end in order to be a champion.

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