8 Signs You’re Sabotaging Your Own Success

“Why can’t I become successful. Is it something I’m doing or what.”

In life as in business, there are winners and losers but the vast majority of people who fail do the same thing over and over. I know because I’ve done them myself. To help you avoid some of the pitfalls on your success journey we’ve listed the Top 8 Things people do to Sabotage Their Own Success.

1. Over-Analyzing

We’ve probably seen ourselves doing this a hundred times. You get a great idea of the latest gadget, method or promotion. You take the idea home, you study all of the ways this thing could be good. Then for the next 10 months you try and find the exact right timing, sourcing, money or excuse to get the darn thing started. In the end, it sits on the shelf or in the notebook of “Would haves” never to be realized. This is called Paralysis of Analysis. You over analyze to the point of never getting in motion.

2. Victim Mentality

We black folks are in a unique place in history. We have been subjected to enough guilt, blame and shame over the years, we carry it around our neck as a badge of honor. Many of us believe the odds are so stacked against us that we will never be given a fair shake. The end result? We go into the situation already defeated. This is called having a victim mentality.

The truth is there is no universal agent that is working to defeat us at every turn. We are in complete control of our own destiny. All we have to do it try.

3. Second Guessing Yourself

I once worked for a man who could not do anything without the validation of his subordinates. After giving a speech, making a presentation, making a decision, his first step was to see what others thought. This was a case of codependency on a grand scale.

As an entrepreneur you have to be able to trust your own intuition and instincts. People are counting on you to have at least some of the answers. They need a leader. If not you, then who?

4. Not Giving Our Full Effort

Our bodies and minds are remarkable tools. They are capable of doing so much more than we give them credit for. It is when you don’t exert yourself to get the most out of you, we get in trouble. Instead of staying up late, you’d rather go to bed. Instead of studying for the exam, you don’t. All it might take is spending an extra hour and the project would be done but we decide it isn’t worth it. In the end it leads to our demise.

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5. Getting Involved in Extra-Curricular Activities

Creatives like us are bound to get involved in a multitude of projects. Most titans of industry have dozens of companies and projects they juggle on a yearly basis. The trouble we run into is when the new projects conflict with what we are currently doing. You get distracted with the good that you forget what is excellent. It’s like going on the internet and clicking on link after link. Before you know it, you’ve lost an entire day on fruitless activities. Remember, being busy doesn’t always translate into being productive.

6. Under Pricing Your Product/Service

One of the hardest points to remember is that your time and products are worth money. How much money ultimately depends on supply and demand but many a newbie entrepreneur shortsells him or herself by underpricing their time, products and services. We have this conversation with ourselves. It goes something like this. “I couldn’t afford this price.” or “I do think it is worth paying this much.’

We have to take the “I” out of the equation. Our customers will tell us how much they are willing to pay for a particular item. Don’t get in the trap of pricing your product, good or service so low that it is flying off the shelves. That’s usually an indication that you’re too inexpensive.

7. Allowing the Competition to Beat You (Getting Out-Hustled)

This may seem counter intuitive but the reality is this. We allow our competition to out hustle us and out produce us. This is why our competition is growing and we aren’t. The fault is lying at our own feet. If we did just a little bit more than our competition. Maybe stay open a bit longer, open a bit earlier. put a little more care in our production, etc.. It would be the very thing we need to stay ahead of the competition.

8. Not Taking The Risk- Too Cautious

There is an old saying, “Show me a man who won’t take a big risk, and I’ll show you a man still sitting on the sidelines.” Actually I just made that up but there is a grain of truth in that statement. Every great entrepreneur has been a risk taker. If you aren’t willing to take a risk, big or small, you will forever regret not having done so.

The timid person is the kind of person who shy’s away from getting bigger. They take the safe route and conform. This isn’t what you are made for. This is called being part of the pack. The pack is waiting to be picked off by the guy who is taking chances. Here is a list of risk takers. Tell me if you see yourself among them in the future.

Steve Jobs, Nikolay Tesla, Bill Gates, Booker T. Washington, all of these men did extraordinary things NOT because they were just brilliant but because they took a risk on a dream.


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