Live Like You Want to Live

You can’t wait for Success, You must Act like it has already happened. Here’s what I mean.

There is an old saying, “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck, it must be a duck.” That is one of the most profound sayings in existence. We should take a lesson from that quote. If you want to start living a successful life, you have to Live the Life you want to live today.

Who says you have to be making seven figures before you can act like a millionaire. I believe that most millionaires were there years before their bank accounts said they were. Here are 7 Tips to help you begin to live the successful life, even before you are up to your neck in success.

Dress for Success

You’ve heard the old saying, Dress for Success, well that is more true than you think. Closes make the man or woman. Having a crisp, clean shirt, blouse and tie says to the world and to yourself that you are ready for action. People treat you different when you look sharp. They have more confidence in you. It also shows the world that you care for them. Nothing says success like a well-dressed person.

Read for Success

I’ve got a great book that I’ve read many times. It called Read for Success. You can only know that which you are exposed to. Books are an excellent way to be exposed to stories and insights from the best in the business world. Or stories about how people made it to the top. They inspire and encourage you to go even further in your success journey. If speaking is the gateway to a good vocabulary, reading is the gateway to the mind.

Speak Success

Speech is what distinguishes us from the everyday bloke out there. I’m not speaking about the queens english. I’m talking about having intelligent, cogent conversation. Conversation that is optimistic and full of interesting content. Society today is full of things that really don’t matter. The Kardashians, Divorced women of Atlanta and Beverly Hills 90210 aren’t on the agenda for topics of discussion for success journey people. There are so many other things that are worthy of our energy and enthusiasm.

Act Successfully

Your behavior says a lot about you. If you fly off the handle easily, if you are loud and impulsive, if you can’t control your behavior then you should rethink if your actions are congruent with your life goal.  John Maxwell, the noted leadership guru is often quoted as saying “Actions come after thoughts”. What he means is your actions are an indication of what is going on in your thoughts. If you don’t think much of yourself, your actions will bear this out.

People who have a healthy, optimistic and energetic sense of themselves and where they are going in life exhibit definite behavior. Everyone knows they are destined for great things. We could write an entire book on this subject but her are a few examples.

  • They workout regularly
  • They buildup others
  • They are always involved in some sort of activity
  • They are leaders in organizations rather than followers

Associate for Success

You’ve heard it said, “You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most”. This is an example of “iron sharpening iron”. You will tend to become more and more like the people you hangout with. If you hangout at bars, you will tend to become like the folks at that bar. If you associate yourself with sports people, wine people, hockey people, academics, drone enthusiasts, whatever the people group you will take on those traits of your associations.

It is important that you associate with people who are bent on success. They are leaders in the community. They are involved in moving the ball forward. They want the finer things in life. They are interested in nurturing their kids, education, community, the arts, science, business.

Surround yourself for Success

Closely related to associations, your surroundings will have a huge effect on your life. If the surroundings you allow to in your life are confused, disorganized, cluttered, dirty, not taken care of, this will have an effect on your brains ability to envision success.

I am convinced that homeless people stay in their condition, not because they are poor but because the longer they are out there in those surroundings, the more their surroundings become a part of who they believe they are. It isn’t surprising that if you take a person who has lived in abject poverty all their lives, come to life when they are put in a situation where there is order, cleanliness and a sense of care.

Surround yourself with plants, inspiring colors, smells, sounds, lights, paintings, quotes on mirrors. Everything should evoke creativity, emotion as sense of accomplishment. Whatever you choose, make it intentional. Make it exciting, to you.

Don’t wait for Success to “finally” happen in your life. You must be proactive. Live the Way you want to Live now. Success will catch up to your expectations. Like most things in life. You have to step out in faith. Just like turning on a light switch. You have to believe it will work…first.

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