My Journey in Politics and a Bonsai Plant

As some of you already know by now, I, your humble Editor am running for political office here in my hometown. For the next year I’ll be updating you on the ups and downs of competing for the job of City Councilman. I thought I would draw an analogy to a recent find I made, a Bonsai Plant.

This isn’t any ordinary bonsai plant. It is a rescue bonsai. By this I mean it was a plant sitting out front of an Asian restaurant. Not only was it neglected but if I had not rescued it when I did, who knows how much longer it would have made it in our searing Las Vegas heat.

3 Keys to Rescuing a Bonsai Plant

Get it Out of Harms Way

The first step to rescuing a plant or your career as an entrepreneur. (I bet you thought I was going to forget the whole business angle) You must get the darn plant out of harms way. It is Withcritical whether in life or with something as simple as a plant, to get help. Don’t allow the bleeding to continue. Stop the thing that is killing you, your business, family or even your plant.

When I first saw the bonsai, my heart almost sank. How could someone allow this to happen to such an honorable plant. Bonsai plants are known throughout the orient as venerable plants. People nurse and manicure them with such precision, it is almost spiritual. In this case, someone forgot to not only prune them but they were never watered.

Give It Water, Just Not Too Much

The next step, Get some water on that plant as soon as possible, just not too much. Have you ever seen those old spaghetti westerns. Our hero is out in the middle of the desert. He and his company are out of water and its still 400 miles til the next watering hole. They are on the verge of death for lack of water. One of the party falls because he needs water. Our hero has a canteen full and offers it to the fallen but everyone knows, he might need water but too much is worse than none at all.

In life and in business or with a plant, you can’t over-water after you’ve suffered a major setback. Giving someone a million dollars after they’ve filed bankruptcy is a recipe for failure. You must have time to figure out why you failed before you can move forward.

Our plant has to stabilize. It’s in shock. It almost died. And we’re throwing water on it, like it’s just supposed to forget it ALMOST DIED!!!


This is the part of the journey most people fail to reckon on. Being patient means putting in the time necessary to see the task completed. During my youth, it was said of me that I tended to move from task to task. That may have been true then but now I am more dedicated to seeing a task through til its completion.

In business, as well as with life or with our plant staying the course is essential. You will never see the end of the pier unless you walk the entire length. You will never see the light at the end of the tunnel unless you are willing to make it til the end. Our bonsai plant is going to take a lot of care and nurturing to become the plant it was destined to become. The next year should be a journey of discovery. I’ll be working on my plant, my business, my life and my campaign. All will take an investment of my time, energy and resources. Are you ready for the ride?

Sherman Ray is Publisher of Black Success Magazine

He is an Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker and political candidate


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