Raising Rockstar Kids

Ever wish your kids were rockstars? Me too, but here are some great tips anyways that should help.

Raising kids can be the best, most rewarding opportunity for young parents. Nurturing the next generation holds a host of choices as to the best method of raising them. Here are 8 tips on how to raise rockstar kids that can help you raise children who not only are happy but are creative.

1 Expose them to Diversity

It’s really important that your child is well-rounded. There is an old saying that goes something like this. “You know how much you don’t know, the more you know.” In essence what the writer is trying to convey is how much there is out there to know. The more options you have, the more likely you are to seek out a wider range of activities and solutions to problems.

2 Allow them to make mistakes

Some of the worlds highest ranking entrepreneurs and thought-leaders agree, there is no better way to become successful, than making a lot of mistakes. Like a butterfly must struggle to get out of its cocoon, your child has to have struggles in life in order to learn the right way to go. Let them make mistakes. Now I’m not saying don’t give them parental guidance. I am saying mistakes are a healthy normal part of life.

3 Give them boundaries

Believe it or not, contrary to the many parental gurus in the past 50 years, kids not only need boundaries but they want boundaries. Without boundaries a child left to his own devices will become what they call a Ferrell child. That almost like having a wild animal. With the right amount of boundaries and discipline a child will develop a healthy respect for authority and for themselves.

4 Make them work for their success

One of best ways to build confidence in your child is to make them work for their success. A child’s confidence will go through the roof after attempting and accomplishing tasks. I have yet to see a child or adult not feel better about themselves after finishing a task. Set them up for success. Give them increasing difficult tasks to complete. They will thank you in the future for not going easy on them all their lives.

5 Reward them

The companion of a good challenge is a great reward. Don’t dismiss even the smallest success. Acknowledge an accomplishment. Make it a celebration. Let your child know that you appreciate their effort, ingenuity and perseverance. This will encourage them to do the same next time. Even when they make a mistake acknowledge their effort but save the big pat on the back for finishing a task. That is the kind of behavior they need to shoot for.

6 Love them Unconditionally

We’ve spent much of this article talking about great behavior and accomplishments. The one thing we must balance all of this with is unconditional love. Your child must know in his or her heart of heart that your love for them is based on them being your child and not on anything they do. A child that feels loved for just being is a child that will attempt anything because they know you are going to love them either way.

7 Make them feel Secure

Love makes a child feel secure. You can also add to this feeling of security by providing for them a stable homelife. This may look like food on the table, a stable marriage, siblings, being there for them at activities, taking time for them. Your self-sacrifice goes way beyond going to work everyday. Your child will benefit when they know they are the center of your universe. Yes, this means you are THAT parent. The one who talks about their child all the time, carries pictures of them, etc…

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