Schools Back In- Setting the Stage for Success

How to set the stage for your children who are going to school.

It’s that time of year again, when the young children are going back to school. How can you as a parent or grandparent help you’re young child become a better student and succeed. Here are eight tips that should help you create a great environment for your kids.

Get their schedule

Knowing your child or grandchild schedule is essential in keeping them on target. What time do they have to be at class. Who is the teacher. What should they be learning in each one of the classes. Children have a way of disguising what they’re actually supposed be doing. As in as their adult supervisor or their parents your job is to make sure that they stay on target.

Be available

There is no substitute for being available for your child. If they need to have someone be there to go with them to a meeting be available. If they need someone to speak about what to speak with on a certain subject, even if you don’t know the answer be available. Your chin your child needs to know that you are that they are the center of your universe and you will do anything for them to ensure that they become great. I’ve spoken with many adults who in retrospect believe that they were‘s they were true rock stars because their parents sacrificed so much for them. The sticks and a child’s mind.

Know their friends

There are some people who believe that your child should have all the friends in the world and that you don’t know who half of them are. Studies have shown that adults who are intricately a part of their child foster a atmosphere of learning. I secure child is one who knows that their parents know all of their friends and trust all of their friends. Your child will listen to you more than you think. They will listen to their friends almost as much. So no all of your friends your child’s friends especially the ones of the opposite sex.

Encourage them to participate in clubs/activities

Maybe I am old-fashioned but a child to participate in a lot of clubs and activities is a very sociable child. Your child needs to be socialized as much as possible. They need to be involved in many sports, many clubs, and interacting with student government if possible. Don’t allow your child to become isolated. And isolated child is a target for unsavory types to take a vantage

Help them set a schedule

Helping your child set their schedule encourages them to make decisions. You can use this opportunity to speak with your child about their choices and then allow them to make their final decision decision on what they will or will not do based upon your input. Eventually that child will begin to make decisions on their own because they have had an opportunity to practice making those types of decisions. Don’t just make the decisions for your child, but sit down with them and help them set their own schedule.

Help them with their homework

Homework is one of the hardest aspects of parenting. Children by and large do not like doing homework. So as an adult you must encourage them by fostering good work habits. Set a schedule that will work with your child’s temperament and allowing them to get all of the work done in a timely fashion a timely matter. Do not allow them to shirk the responsibility is before getting the job done. But balance that by rewarding them for the effort that they put in to getting the job done.

Invite their friends over after school

The only way you will know who your children are spending time with is to spend time with those same children. Encourage your children to invite all of their friends over to your house after school. Yes that means you become that parent. You remember that parent. They were the one who had all of the kids over at their house every day after school. These kinds of environments foster a socialized trusting relationship between the child and the parent and the child will begin to look at adults and these types of situations as teambuilding and social atmosphere. Later in life this will prove to be very valuable. They will learn how to build teams, how to interact with large groups, how to build friendships, this is something that should be encouraged early on in your child’s life.

Volunteer at their school

For most adults this may not be possible but for adults who are able to volunteer in their schools this can be invaluable. The parent who is actively involved in their children’s classes tend to have kids who mimic the same thing. They become the responsible child in the class. They become responsible because everybody realizes that their parents were responsible. Leaders in class as volunteers tend to be leaders in life.

By doing these small you will build confidence in your child, they will know that you are truly interested in everything that they do which will encourage them to please you. Many parents don’t spend any time paying attention to their children and their academic careers. Unfortunately they pay a dear price because their children don’t believe that they care about what they do. Children crave the attention of their parents, they want to please you. Show them true interest and they will do everything they can to please you.

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