Tamron Hall may have found her voice in a long anticipated daytime talk show.

Tamron Hall is set to resume her winning ways, on her own long anticipated daytime talk show. Hall was unceremoniously let go from the NBC Today Show lineup a few years ago after a huge shakeup that is still reverberating throughout the halls of the peacock station. But Tamron has been able to secure backing for her latest venture with a partnership with Disney/ABC.

Many industry insiders believed it was just a matter of time before the Temple University alum would find her voice. Could this be the beginnings of the next Oprah-esk dynasty? Only time will tell but this we do know, Tamron Hall is a force to be reckoned with. Her new show promises to be a must see.

Hall is quoted as stating. “the show “unconventional, fun, intimate and sometimes even raw.” “I’m so grateful and excited for this next chapter. The landing makes the leap of faith so worth it!”


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