Words Can Never Hurt You, Unless You Let Them

In a former life I was a counselor. Each week I’d meet with tormented individuals and couples to discuss their mental and social ills. We came to the conclusion that in many cases it was their reaction to outside forces that ultimately made the difference in their lives. It was the old adage, “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me…Unless you let them that is.

In this article we will discuss the importance of believing in the words and thoughts that you paint for yourself. The world may have its agenda but the person on their own success journey must have their own agenda which trumps it all.

5 Steps to Setting Your Own Agenda

Write it Down

The first step on our journey is much like that of opening a business. You have to actually put your thoughts down on paper. Write it out. The mind has a funny way of working. When you put pen to paper, the mind begins to subconsciously move in that direction. It knows when you are not serious. Take the time to write down your clear path. Make it detailed. Make it big. Make it yours.

Read it out Loud

The next step seems like a no-brainer but it must be said. Read It Out. Does it make sense. Is it really what you want? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written articles and upon reading it back to myself I think, “What?” That doesn’t even make sense. This is a time to add or subtract from your vision but it is a step most people ignore or don’t take the time to do.

Speak It Out

There is a biblical principle that goes something like this, “There is Life and Death in the power of the tongue.” What the prophet meant was that there is power in the spoke word. Self-talk is one of the most powerful tools you or I possess. Practicing Self-talk involves telling yourself over and over again your vision. This is especially useful in stressful situation.

Live It Out

It’s one thing to say that you are what you believe. It is another to LIVE like you believe. This involves the doing part of your vision. If you say that you are a baker, then bake. If you say you are a sales person, you sell. If you say that you are skinny, then you work at become skinny. You are something because you actually begin living that something. (As long as it is within the realm of possibility)

Reject Anything that Contradicts It

The last step is dismissing anything that does not align with your worldview. People on their success journey must develop the skill to create an environment that suites their goals. If you want to be a wine grower, then only hangout around wine growers. If someone comes into your life that isn’t into wine, or wine growing and that person attempts to get you to become a hat maker REJECT that attempt.

This goes for anything else. If someone says you are something other than your vision, REJECT that label. You have to be totally soldout to your vision. You will never become that which you seek unless you commit to the vision.

In a world that has so many different views on what is and isn’t right or possible for us, it is important that we are solidly anchored to our own reality. A foundation build upon our own beliefs is all we have.

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