Will Robots Steal Your Job

Since the 1950’s, it has been said the era of robotics will eventually take all of our jobs. If you are in manufacturing or in any industry where a machine could do your job, in the next few years, your career might be a thing of the past. What do you do?

Here are some tips on how to save your career, from the dreaded robots that will be in your office sooner than you think. The most important factor is not to wait. Don’t just hope and wish that things will get better. They are. Just not for your job.

Retraining is Key

There was a story told about a cigar company. This was during the time when everyone was hand-rolling cigars. Low and behold a machine came on the market, that rolled cigars but the cigar company refused to change. Needless to say, the hand-rolling company went out of business.

What was their problem? They didn’t retrain. They didn’t adjust when automation was being uncrated on the shop floor.

In a world that is increasingly become more automated retraining is essential for survival.

Move Up to Management

In every business there is room for new management. Now might be the time to ask for a vertical movement. This might sound far-fetched but a simple ask to the owner may be the key that opens a door. It definitely could not hurt.

Start Your Own Business

One of our favorite options is to start your own business. This does not mean to go out and just quit your current job. It does mean to start a side business, that will morph into a full time endeavor. Many businesses started as side hustles, that grew so big and took up so much time, the founder had to quit his regular job. With the specter of a robot replacement in the back of your mind, this just might be the incentive it takes for you to go out and do some serious hustling.

Move to Another Industry or Position

When you hear rumblings near the water cooler that the robots are coming, it’s your sign to start looking for another job. Be the smart one in the office and quietly start searching the Want Ads, online recruiting pages and if need be start hitting the concrete. But don’t be like most people and wait for things to get better. Don’t be the last man on the ship. If your employer is looking at robotics, it doesn’t mean he is going to get one to make life easier for you. He is replacing you.


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