Set your success journey on overdrive with this

30 Day Challenge

It has been said that habits are formed if you can do the same thing for 21 days in row. Well, we are going to put that theory to the test. For the next 30 days the staff here at Black Success Magazine is going to set our sites on making significant changes in our behavior by taking the 30 Day Challenge.

It’s pretty simple really. Choose a healthy habit that you would like to become a part of your life. A time to do the thing, and voila, do it for the next 30 Days.

In theory, you should be able to continue doing the newly formed habit effortlessly from then onward. So without playing Devils advocate and looking at the negative side of the proposition, let’s just take the theory at face value and get to work.

On Your Marks- What do we want to accomplish. This might seem to be a straightforward question but don’t take it lightly. I like to look at things pragmatically. In other words, “Can it be done by an ordinary person.”

This is key. You don’t want to set yourself up for failure, by choosing a task that either physically impossible or is outside the realm of possibility. Now this isn’t to say, Don’t stretch yourself. By all means, if you feel like you are up to the challenge, make the task something extraordinary.

For most of us, setting goals that are well within our abilities is quite alright. And the side benefit is two-fold. 1. Each time that you accomplish the task, it encourages you to continue forward. 2. The more you continue forward, the more you want to stretch yourself to a higher goal.

Get Set- This has already been done by setting a time-frame to begin. We have set the time-frame for 30 Days. The start time shall be next Monday. This will give us time to prepare ourselves mentally and physically for the task that lies ahead.

Get Ready- Prepare yourself mentally and physically for the task. Some people like to be alone and contemplate. Others may want to read a book on the subject to familiarize yourself. Whatever you need to do, you have a couple of days to get ready.

Go-For the next 30 Days your task will be to do one thing. Be consistent. You don’t have to be good. All you have to be is consistent. Each day all you have to do is make the effort to do the thing you set out to do.

If you planned on running and the second day out you are feeling like crap, go through the motions of getting up and getting out on the track. You may not run the entire distance but your body is being retrained to be consistent.

If your goal, as mine is, is to write more. Each day, even if you don’t feel like it, or you don’t have new ideas, WRITE SOMETHING. The point here is to be consistent. Consistency build muscle memory and Memory builds in habits.

Take it from me. I trained to run a marathon, cycle 100 miles and even build a million dollar business by using this technique. Take the 30 Day Challenge and see if it works for you too.

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