The Great Deception of THE HOOD

Thugs, Drugs, Hip Hop Culture. The “N-Word”

American Blacks have been duped into thinking that we are all destined to a never-ending struggle for legitimacy and respect. The truth is we are our own worse enemies. We have the ability and control to change our lives, if we only stop accepting the narrative that we are destined to struggle.

Africans were the first people on the planet to read, write, use tools, explore or conquer neighboring tribes in order to expand our influence. We built great civilizations, kingdoms and were able to live in relative peace with our neighbors for 1000’s of years.

All of that changed when we began to lose site of our destiny in civilization and began to enslave and export our own people to European explorers. This began the steady progression of our downward spiral.

Fast-forward to today. American blacks, who live in the most powerful nation the world has ever seen walk around like a conquered people. In essence, we are conquered, not physically but mentally and spiritually.

In an eye-opening video that we at BSM recently viewed, the narrative was put this way. Blacks in America have accepted another form of slavery. They have become enslaved to a narrative. This narrative says, we are unworthy of rising up. When faced with the facts that American blacks are worthy, because of this conditioned thought process, we, as a people, reject the notion that we are just as worthy as any other group of people in America.

Here is where we shift gears and hopefully will move forward. Physically and mentally Blacks are still the same people who created Egypt, arguably the greatest civilization of its time. We still possess the capacity to farm, water and think. The only thing that has changed is our BELIEF in ourselves.

Briefly, the cultural things that contribute to the DISBELIEF in ourselves are as follows, without elaboration for times sake.

Thug Culture, Drugs in our neighborhoods, HIP HOP music and finally The “N-Word”. Wait a minute!!! You mean all of the things that we hold so dear are actually working against us as a people to move forward? YES!!!!

The Thug Culture has solidified the idea that living in THE HOOD is a good thing. Yea, sounds great living in abject squalor with a bunch of people who are either Pimps, Whores or wannabe gangstas. Dear Lord, how asinine.

The Drug Culture societally has devastated our youth but none more evident than in the black community. Young brothas think that the only way to get out of the hood, is to sell drugs. Unfortunately, this is a death sentence. All too often the result is shootings, turf wars and warzones being set up in our communities.

HIP HOP Music. Dear Lord, of all the things we could have embraced. We couldn’t embrace education, being great gold miners, being nerds in the classrooms, NO…we had to embrace music that idolizes a lifestyle that is antithetical to good living. Killing cops, slapping Ho’s, breaking down doors. These are just the lyrics.

How about the portrayal of our women as nothing but objects to slap on their over-sized fat asses? That one not big enough for ya. How about inject a butt with silicon and make it comically large?

We could write all day long about the influence on society that Hip Hop music has had but suffice it to say, the effects of this demonically inspired genre will be felt and fought for generations to come.

The “N-Word” once was so shocking, it was grounds to get your butt kicked in school. Originally used to be a word of derision and ridicule, a word that means you are the lowest of the low, Today, The “N-word” is used as commonly as you would use any other word in everyday speaking. It has become acceptable to call someone “My N______” 

Can you imagine, any other group of people accepting the word that so offended their culture as commonplace? The Italian “WOP”, The Irish “Kite”, The Polish “Pollock”, The Japanese “Jap”, The Jewish “Hymie”. #OMG, there would be an uproar, but Black Americans not only aren’t offended by the use of the “N-word” but our younger people embrace it.

What’s The Answer, Embrace Who We Want to Be

We at BSM are convinced through years of OJT, the only way you will become successful, either individually or as a community, is to set your sights on that which you want to become. That means you must see yourself as successful.

Not only do you have to see yourself as successful, but you must reject that which doesn’t fit in to your image of what you seek to become. That means don’t touch, taste or smell, don’t associate with, entertain or allow to become a part of your image of what you aspire to become. No matter how cool society thinks it currently may appear. An example would be sagging, dreadlocks, piercing, or tatoos. How many millionaires are out there sporting nipple rings or neck tatoos?

This is crucial to your future success. You must fight for your success. It won’t be handed to you. No one is going to suddenly walk up to you and give you success. No one is going to do this for Black Americans. No political party, no matter how much they promise, is going to make sure we as a people become successful. If they tell you anything different, they are selling you a bill of goods.

It is up to you as an individual and US as a people to do that for ourselves.

The payoffs are immense. By achieving success in all areas of life for ourselves, black people gain a sense of self-worth and this is something we can pass down to our kids and our children’s children.

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