5 Tools You Must Learn to Dominate Your Market

Today, entrepreneurs need to be multi-talented utilizing every modern-day technology and technique. Learning to use these tools mean you can dominate your market.

I remember in the early days of my business we frequently used Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to market our business. At the time we were the only coffee roasters who were using these three main tools. It worked so well, we were contacted by one of the worlds largest manufacturers. They believed our presence online made us look like a major coffee player, when we were a startup.

Look at the following tools. They won’t guarantee your ultimate success, that will take time, but they will help you to dominate your market. Marketing is all about getting the word out about your product, good or service.


Every business must have a blog nowadays. A daily, weekly or monthly community board where your fans can keep up with your business is a must. The best part about having a blog, you are ultimately in control of its content.

There are some people who farm out their blog, but we encourage you to add to the content yourself. It gives your fans more of the DNA of the CEO.


One of the strongest tools you can use today is the power of video. TV is still the #1 method of marketing. Internet video makes it so easy to get your message out without spending a ton of money. There are tons of new apps that you can use to record, edit and publish short or long form content. In 2012 I personally recorded over 200 videos. They were only 5 minutes each but that is a ton of content. Content is king and if you get good at the formatting of the video, producing a lot of content is gold.


Internet Radio is as common today as Facebook. There are tons of hosting sites where you can produce weekly radio broadcasts. Invest in a beginner plan at first and then build your way up. Once you’ve built up a listener base you will be able to dominate your market.


Along the same lines of a radio broadcast, Podcasting has gained in popularity. It is a way to blog using your audio recorded content. This media can be distributed on multiple formats. In addition, podcasting creates the impression that you are the expert in your field.


Affiliate marketing is what we call, the Great Multiplier. Partnering with other people and utilizing their sphere of influence to spread your content is one of the best ways to market your business. I  can’t tell you how useful this method is. It is a powerful way of pushing your message out 10 or 100 percent more than you could do yourself.

Use one or all these methods to boost your presence and see if your market share increases. Each one of these tools can be used as a stand alone but if you are able to use each of these, or better yet, open a department dedicated to one of these tools, you will see a massive surge in market share.

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