Take Advantage of Every Situation

There is an old saying, “If you aren’t growing, you are dying.” That saying is never more profound than when applied to self-motivation and becoming a better person. Muscle is never stagnant. It is either growing or deteriorating but it is never at rest. So how do we keep growing? We keep growing by taking advantage of every situation that comes across our path.

Most people go through life avoiding doing anything new. They find something that they are good at, perfect it and live out the rest of their lives doing the same thing over and over again. Ho hum. This isn’t the life of someone who truly wants to do something epic with their life. On the contrary, the person on a success journey is always looking for new and unique ways to stretch the limits of themselves, either physically or mentally.
Here are some great tips on How you can take advantage of every situation.

Start by saying Yes
In the world of Time management saying Yes is a no-no. But in the world of personal growth, saying YES is Bueno! Stop avoiding doing new things by saying No. Let yourself go and the next time one of your friends asks you if you’d like to take that trip to Bora Bora, say yes.

Go to those networking events
There is no more stress inducing forum than at a networking event. You don’t know anyone. It is out of your comfort zone. Just the place to be if you want to get comfortable with being around a crowd of people you don’ know and getting to know them. As a candidate for political office, I love meeting new people, all the time. Each time I hone my skills of socializing and there are even times when I try out new techniques to see how they will work. If you want to grow as a person, go to those networking events.

Here are a few more tips that can only help you on your success journey.
Answer that ad for information
Take that lunch with a new contact
Volunteer for that uncomfortable Job

There are so many ways that we can grow but without experiencing new situations we will only reconstitute old endeavors. Take advantage of all the situations that come your way. They will combine with your last experience to make you a brand-new person.

If you are not reinventing yourself on a yearly basis, all you are doing is repeating the old you. The old you may have served a purpose to get you where you are today but face it, that old you won’t be able to compete with the new standards of today. You must keep growing.

Use some or all these tips and see if your experiences don’t ad a new layer to your life. They have worked in my life. I’m sure they will ad texture to yours as well.

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